Thursday, September 04, 2008

Bibidi Babadi Boo.. Salacadu Lamenticabu Labibidi Babadi Boo..

Dahil madami na ang nagtatanong kung anong wishlist ko for my birthday.. eto na, basahin niyo nalang 

For my Birthday I wish to have..
  • MacBook Pro
  • Freak's Ipod Video (para recycle)
  • Iphone 3G (Khaye, this is for you!)
  • My own Nikon D80
Ayan na muna for now  Haha! Okay, so hindi nga naman mga practical ang mga yan. pero gusto ko pa din sila.. Kahit isa lang siguro jan, ahaha! Ok, seryoso na. if you've read my wishlist 3 years ago, well its basically the same or atleast some of the items ther
  • My fave chocolate pa din in a big glass jar (Clue: It melts in my mouth not in your hands)
  • A good book ( Wala pa akong CS Lewis at Philip Yancey)
  • Trip to Singapore (Weeee)
  • Breakfast with an Angel 
  • A hug from everybody 
  • A new watch (yeah, i kill time kasi, hehe)
  • A smile from each person that would greet me
  • Sweet Kisses
  • Magkita kita ang Barkada
  • Pint of my Fave Strawberry Ice Cream
  • Spa!
  • A perfect moment watching the sunset
  • Surprise Party?
  • WWAI EB (calling calling)
  • Rainbow on my birthday (but this would mean na dapat umulan )
  • A prayer from everybody
So far, yan plang naiisip ko. Hehe! Any will do naman, as long as its from the heart, haha! Pero i prefer any from the first four list.. haha! *wink*

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