Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Slowdown

CBC. Fifth sunday is family sunday. We prayed for our families, single parents, CBC family
and Singles (yes, thats us) I really thank God sa aking CBC Family. Oh, there's Hanna Fiesta too

JUNE JOBFEST. After church I went to Trinoma to attend a jobfair and when I arrived, I found out that we only have a few applicants. There were a few people who passed by our booth and ofcourse, I slapped the flyers onto their faces. Haha, just kidding! We figured out that the reason why there are few people in the mall today was because its raining and because of Pacquiao. People chose to stay at home and watch his rounds.

IVCF-KC. After i left the jobfair, I stayed with Bij's and Ivan's KC-mates. Gate crash ever! Nice meeting you guys

KUNG FU PANDA PILLOW. Bij and I were on our way home when we soptted Ate Kellogs (not her real name) on the Kellogs booth with some Kung Fu Panda freebies. I saw Po's pillow and ask her how do i get one, and to my dismay i have to buy two regular Kellogs pack to get the chance of winning one of the items. I was feeling madaya awhile ago so i asked her if i could make bunot na and then if pillow ang makuha ko il buy na the Kellogs cereal, then she agreed an after 5 trials, i finally picked the "Kung Fu Panda" Pillow! YAY! and so i went home happy, very very happy

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