Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Sino ang hanggang ngayon eh may BAD HANGOVER pa from the SWITCHFOOT concert????



I have no words, to describe what i felt the day i met them, the day i get to shake hands with them, the day i get to talk to them, the day i get to hug them (kiddin' i wish i had).. the day i get to finally meet them face to face.. right on the face.. their beautiful face.. haay (sigh).. even until know.. its still the same feeling of excitement.. very very very BAD HANGOVER... eventhough we wer so exhausted sa lahat ng mga ginawa namen.. selling all those shirts and cd's.. meeting all thos people, even irate moms, running all the possible errands, haha! :D

I cant actually work last Tuesday pagpasok ko.. Tina and i were like "i soo cant work.. i want daydream all day and just stare at all our pics."

Whew! cant get over pa talaga.. Jerome is soo sweet :) and the rest of the guys, so kulet :) waaahh! They're so great! And it really made my night when they sang my fave "Awakening"

'nuff said.. the pictures would tell how much i enjoyed that night :)

Over all rating: 100 thumbs up!!!

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