Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Birthday blowout

Yes. Hindi pa natatapos ang post ko about my birthday! Haha! Andaming post events :) grabeh! Last Tuesday Night, taya ako sa family dinner. we just settled at Trinoma for it was the nearest haven for all of us since i will be coming from work and so is dad, and the rest of the kids will be coming from school. We argued for about an hour on where we will eat and finally we settled @ Heaven and Eggs :)
Big serving good food :) i specially like their "Dearest Bacon, Love Eggs" its my fave :)
Below are the orders of each, hehe!

we started off by praying (cute nathan)Dad's Order: Grilled Chicken Carribean Salad
Mom, i told you to look at the camera. Haay!
Matt's Order: Dearest Bacon, Love Eggs
Tin's Order: Country Style Fried Chicken Steak
and mine: 3 Sausages and Egg
Big food servings for big-appetite-people like us :) haha!

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