Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Read or Die

Last Feb. 3 I attended the Read or Die Convention. The night before that I was so disappointed because I bought the tickets for 300p already and nakakainis kasi I could’ve bought it for just 150 L Anyhoo, I went there with a heavy heart and then I was surprised by how my 300 bux was worth every cent. (too bad, not for Fer :( ) I was one of the early birds, I was told kasi there would be freebies.Ü (im a big fan) and true enough, I got a fudge kit (or so they call it like that, becoz of the Fudge freebie magazine dated Sept. 2006) so much for the freebie, I thought. As for Fer’s disappointment of how late the convention started or ‘opened” I didn’t actually noticed the time. After they opened the “gates” or “doors” the few people scram in and listened to the keynote / opening speeches of few intellectuals. One of them is my mom’s boss :) after that I went to sign up to what’s gonna happen to the function rooms, the 1st on I attended was a panel discussion lead by The New World Alliance. Of which we talked about, Mythopeia, Narnia, Harry Potter’s villain Voldemort and JRR Tolkien’s LOTR. I didn’t finish that one. I proceeded with my last attendance at the other function room, Poetry Reading. It was lead my celebrities, Harlene Bautista, tintin Bersola, and Lourd De Veyra. We got freebies from URC, etc. Attending this Poetry Reading session relive or aroused the poet in me again :) im planning to write poems again.. of various sorts J Halo halo siguro mas maganda :)

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