Wednesday, September 07, 2005

5 days to go..

5 days to go, crappy monday na ulit..
5 days to go, closing ng ramp ng SBC..
5 days to go, may endorsement nanaman ang JS Select at CCI..
5 days to go, tapos na ang linggong ito..
5 days to go, special-regular-working day na.. kasi..
5 days to go, birthday ko na..

im turning 16.. haha :)

haay, tumatanda nanaman ede ko, pero itsura ko ganon parin :) mukha parin akong highschool :)

so many praises, so little time to list them all..

il find time.. hopefully within this week..

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  1. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Keep up the good work »



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