Monday, August 15, 2005

Tag ni trisha

What are the things you enjoy doing even when there's no one around you?

  • halos lahat naman yata eh singing my heart out and pretending to be a diva ang no. sa list nila, but anyway, that's my no. 1 also.. hehe..
  • making an MTV, haha, sounds funny?! i turn up the electric fan to no. 3 and play my favorite music and then act like im in an MTV shooting :)
  • one of the things im fond of doing EVERYTIME no one is around.. Model around, like im in a fashion show or some sort of a pageant, hehe, which i found out that, hey, im good at that.. ahihi :)
  • crying my heart out, im quite emotional you know..
  • look at my albums and reminisce the past, hey, its fun especially when you think of how fun and sad that picture reminds you :)
  • PRAY OUT LOUD, i get to express myself really well to God and i get to tell him things i would like to tell him. Ü
  • lastly, check out porn sites, shoplift, hang out in gay bars, check in sa motels.. --> haha, joke lang! some of the things i wouldnt be caught dead doing.. hey, that give me an idea *think tank* (a light bulb lights up above my head)

PS. il make one of these and il tag u in guys, just wait for the most absurd questions.. hahaha.. Ü

What lowers your stress/ blood pressure / anxiety level?

(il rephrase it, or il answer it nlng as: Ano ang nakakapagpawala ng stress ko, etc?)

  • no. 1 on the list --> CHOCOLATES specially my favorite (guess what)
  • no. 2 on the list --> Potato Chips specially ung jack n jill (ung orange,)
  • no. 3 on the list --> a Good Book specially ung may mga pictures (hehe)
  • no. 3 on the list --> my Favorite Songs specially the one im liking right now
  • no. 4 on the list --> Window shopping just adoring those dress & shoes :)
  • no. 5 on the list --> a SMILE and Rainbow from everyone :)
  • the best on the list --> time with God a good-long-quiet-prayer Ü

eto mga ita-tag ko --> Bij (kung d mo pa toh nagagawa) Dario (long time no post), Abe (lagay mo sa 360 mo) Chinky (il check this sa tabulas mo) Khean (d ko alam kung san mo toh lalagay, bahala ka na.. malaki ka na!



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